Free Preview of New Book by Someone Who Was Victorious Over Emotional Issues

Mike's Story “How I overcame depression,
bipolar, OCD, anxiety and other
issues without drugs”

is now available in Kindle to download to your computer, read online, or download to your mobile device right now!

Mike’s Story “How I overcame depression,
bipolar, OCD, anxiety and other
issues without drugs.” is the powerful personal testimony of someone
who overcame mental health and other issues and went on to
enjoy a successful, productive life.

Mike tells you about his childhood:

the traumas, the obsessions and compulsions, his
shyness and bipolar. Mike tells you about his twenties: the
depression, the doubts and the fears.

You will hear him talk about how Zorro and Colombo helped him get through.

You’ll find out what the Zen Master said.

You’ll read about Mike’s close call with Dr. Rough Handling.

Mike loves to philosophize about life, love,

and he likes Frank Sinatra too.

For each stage of his life he reveals how he moved on and left the
issues behind.

Mike saves the best for last:

How he found his
spiritual roots with the help of meditation, a change of heart, a
hug and a kick in the pants from God.

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Roland Trujillo
is the author of 14 books. His popular self
help radio program has aired on both secular and
Christian radio stations around the country for 22

“I love helping people improve their
relationships, overcome personal issues and find
their spiritual roots. People get stuck, and they need
someone who thinks outside the box to help
them look at life with fresh eyes.

People are resilient and can make progress in a very short amount of time.

Sometimes all it takes is an insight or two, a little meditation to get centered, and knowing that there is someone who has love, and who both understands
and can help. That’s all.

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