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How to Stop Being Angry and Upset All the Time

Our problems in life begin when we become angry, resentful, and upset.  When we are angry--emotion clouds reason and we say or do the wrong things.

   Next we become upset at our upset, angry at our anger, and resentful at our resentment! All this does is add another layer of wrong reaction.  And when we are resentful, we are even more cut off from reason and calmness.

   Soon we find ourselves lost in the imagination and there we become even less in control of our actions. We react to our tricky imagination and then do or say something foolish, only to scurry back into the imagination to hide from another round of upset and failing. 
   Once we become emotionally out of control, we start to experience more and more physical symptoms, such as tension headaches or upset stomach. We might try to change jobs or take pills, but because of conditioning, we find ourselves becoming more and more upset all the time and then suppressing symptoms. We push them under the carpet and…

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