Christian Mystical Writers on Finding Peace


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There is a way of living and moving and having our being that is happy
and care free, and through which we can find the love to solve our
problems and prevent new ones.

We need love to deal kindly and wisely with our family and acquaintances.
We need love to be patient with our own errors. We need understanding to
respond wisely to others and to gain insight into the nature of
our own mental and emotional issues.

Few have written as beautifully and convincingly about the inner way
to the blessed life as Madame Jeanne Guyon, Francois Fenelon
and Michael Molinos.

It is from their timeless writings that this book is gleaned.
Newly edited with a special introduction by Roland Trujillo,
this jewel will become one of your favorite companions as you discover
in each of these three mystical writers a kindred spirit.

Roland Trujillo is the author of 14 books, including A Guide to True Peace Revisited (a compilation of the writings of Madame Guyon, Francois Fenelon, and Miguel Molinos). He is a leading authority on Christian mindfulness meditation and a scholar in the field of Catholic mysticism and contemplative prayer.

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