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New! Meditation for Anger Management

 Most people have a problem with anger.

It usually has its roots in judgment and resentment. Often it begins early in life as a response to injustice. Since the injustice is often at the hands of an authority (such as mom or dad, for example) or someone bigger, stronger or cleverer, there is an intimidation factor.

We suppress our rage and wallow in secret hostility. Unfortunately, we often then take out our suppressed hostility on someone smaller or weaker than ourselves. Or we take it out on ourselves, turning our hate inward.

Often the angry person cannot express himself for fear of the harm he might do due to his secret hostility. The anger then hides and masquerades as other emotions or symptoms.

Whether it’s anger at another, anger at our self, or anger turned into other emotion (such as fear or depression), it is harmful and not good.

We must find the way to express our self without hostility on the one hand, or painful repression on the other. We must find the way of reason and calmness. We must learn how to disagree without being disagreeable.

The proper application of the meditation exercise can have a very beneficial effect. It permits us to stand back and observe our own wrong (anger) without over-reacting to what we see. In other words, we learn to stop struggling with and becoming angry at our own anger. Secondly, the ability to stand back and calmly observe our own self permits us to see the reason for our anger.

The enlightened reason that comes to bear on our faulty attitude permits us to be sorry for our secret judgments and to stop hating (resenting) the other person. When we give up resentment and judgment, we also stop being a doormat due to guilt for resenting. We are then free to express ourselves in a reasonable way.

In short, a new attitude and an enlightened viewpoint dissolve our hostility, and assist us in expressing ourselves calmly.

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