Holiday Stress and Depression, Money Worries - Maybe a Spiritual Recovery Meditation Might Restore Peace of Mind

Most of us would like to deal with life's problems with calmness and understanding. Instead we find ourselves reacting and becoming upset. The more upset we become the more resentful we become toward others. We become impatient with them and then we become impatient with ourselves. Soon we start to blame others for our lack of control.

Of course, this is unfair to others. So they react to us. Soon family and relationship problems escalate. Once the process begins, we don't know how to stop it. Either we explode at one another or we repress our hostilities until we are seething volcanoes. All this repressed material soon erupts in other symptoms.

When we can't control ourselves, then we look to experts to control us. Soon we are their subjects, paying dearly for their treatments which never really seem to make us better. Individuals, families, and the whole world is brimming over in anger and upset.

Fortunately there is a real answer to your problem. It focuses on the moment of reaction, when you succumb to some stress.

Would you like to learn how to remain calm in the face of stress? Roland's programs are about dealing with stress without giving in or becoming upset. The Roland Trujillo Show has aired for almost 19 years around the U.S. If you can't tune in, listen to free highlights from KCAA Radio, a popular Southern California radio station.

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